Key Personnel

Mark A. Patton - President and Founder

During the 27 years since Mark founded Patton Funds, his focus has been on investment research and the education of investors. He has made a practice of studying the greatest successes in the field of investing, both those who invest as well as the leading academics in the field, and has done extensive proprietary research.

While Mark serves as the company’s chief investment officer, he has built an organization with team members dedicated to providing the best possible service to its clients. Patton Fund Management is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Mark A. Patton - President and Founder, pattonwealth.com

Stacey Miller ( Accounting and Human Resources )

Stacey has served Patton Fund Management for more than 18 years in various capacities. Her role today includes management of all accounting and human resource functions.

Before joining Patton Funds, Stacey worked for Thomson Consumer Electronics as a financial analyst. She graduated from Indiana University with a bachelors in Finance in 1991.

Support Personnel

Patton employs teams of Client Concierges dedicated to providing service to both Patton's individual clients and retirement plan clients. In addition, an extensive operations and quality control team is in place and responsible for the operations of the company.

Strategic Partners

Cohen & Company - CPA / Audit

Cohen & Company, Certified Public Accountants, is a managed futures, securities and hedge fund accounting firm that provides audit, tax, and consulting services to Patton Funds. Cohen & Company is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in the alternative funds industry. Patton and Cohen & Company have been working together since 2004. For more infomation, visit: www.CohenCPA.com.


Morgan Lewis - Legal Counsel

Morgan Lewis provides comprehensive legal services to Patton Funds addressing regulator matters, securities law, ERISA law, and much more. For more information, visit: www.MorganLewis.com


NAV Consulting, Inc. - Fund Administration

NAV Consulting provides third party administrative services to Patton and other Patton entities. For more information, visit: www.NAVConsulting.net


Rakyan Infotech - Systems and Web Development

Rakyan Infotech is a leading IT solutions provider. The company builds and maintains Patton's internal custom information system and client website. Patton and Rakyan Infotech have been working together since 2005. For more information, visit: rakyaninfotech.com


Pixgen Technologies - Website Design and Video Editing

Pixgen Technologies builds and maintains Patton Funds front end design and creates interactive video presentations for us. For more information, visit: www.pixgentechnologies.com

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