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Our Operations

COVID-19 has had virtually no impact on the operations of our company.

Our business model is a virtual one by design. We have outsourced the vast majority of functions to numerous service providers as discussed below. We do have traditional office space available to work from at anytime but Stacey and I both work from our home offices. Fortunately separate home offices? Therefore, the shelter-in-place order for our community has no impact on our normal working conditions.

Key Service Providers

Our three Customer Service Team members are in India. They are full time and only do work for our company. They typically work in a larger office environment that provides HR, IT, and other necessary support. All three Team members today are working from their homes transitioning with no impact on their ability to provide continuous service.

Rakyan Infotech has provided programming and operational services to Patton for more than 17 years. Rajesh Rakyan, the company’s founder, does all of the programming for our internal custom back-office information system as well as the back-end of our website (all of the data management for our online client statements and more). His team performs an array of operational and administrative functions as well as quality control for our Customer Service Team. Rajesh and his team are working from their homes and have provided uninterrupted service.

Other service providers perform daily reconciliation of our client account data, maintain and support our cloud-based information technology systems, receive and scan U.S. mail, perform website design, handle tax, audit, and accounting services, and more.

The Markets

The markets have, of course, been extremely volatile. We have seen a bit of very welcome relief this week but this certainly does not mean this is behind us. As always, I am monitoring the markets closely and evaluating the impact it is having on our various investment strategies. Although the losses are miserably painful I am relatively pleased with how Super-Diversification and our Flex Strategy are weathering the storm. I’ll be sharing more on this in coming communications.


We are continuously monitoring the pandemic, considering its expected human and economic impact, and will adjust our business model and operations as necessary to provide you with uninterrupted management of your money and customer service.

If there is anything we can do for you at any time, please let us know. I so greatly appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. Stay heathy.

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