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Our clients benefit from a clearly defined investment strategy and process that eliminates random behavior and ignores the noise of Wall Street. Our Super-Diversification investment strategy has delivered superior performance when compared to competitors' since its 2010 inception.

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Super-Diversification Flex Growth Strategy. Click here for specific details on the performance data. Some clients are Qualified Clients as defined by the SEC and may pay a performance-based fee.

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This is a performance index created by ARC Research of 1000's of private client portfolios. Click here for specific details on the performance data.

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Better portfolios by design

Super-Diversification is our proprietary investment strategy providing a solution for your total portfolio. It utilizes a wider range of asset classes than most and is proven to deliver better returns for any risk portfolio.

Super-Diversified Portfolio

Bonds Stocks Much More Providing additional diversification than many other portfolios.

A total portfolio solution

Super-Diversification is an investment strategy for your entire portfolio custom designed for your risk tolerance and other goals. A portfolio typically consists of ten or more funds invested in 1000's of securities plus an allocation to our proprietary hedging strategy all designed to work together to deliver great results.

Math that works

Correlation, a relatively simple mathematical statistic, explains a great deal about diversification. Correlation simply measures the performance of two things and determines how closely they move together.

Diversification is about having multiple investments in a portfolio that do not always move up down together. Our Super-Diversified Portfolios simply own more investments that deliver the benefits of diversification.

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Correlation is the key to a diversified portfolio

Benefits of Index Funds

Utilizing low cost index funds

The only funds used in your Super-Diversified Portfolio are low cost index funds. Exhaustive academic and industry research has shown that the math around this is simple…lower cost funds deliver higher returns.

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Patton hedging strategy

In addition to low cost index funds spanning a wide range of asset classes, most Super-Diversified portfolios include an allocation to our proprietary hedging strategy. This hedging strategy consists only of U.S. stocks, adds to the diversification of the portfolio, and has proven to enhance portfolio returns.

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Big Data Research graphic

Big Data Research

The success of Super-Diversification is not by luck but instead BY DESIGN! It's based on thourough analysis and testing against big data sets, spanning more than 5 decades of history, letting the data form the model rather than hypotheses not based upon measurable historical market behavior.

Research on the Lost Decade

Built on the success of others

There are few original ideas and diversification is certainly not a Patton original. Investors have been diversifying for centuries but it’s some leading university endowments, including Yale and Harvard, that have pioneered the principles of Super-Diversification and demonstrated the long-term success of doing so.

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A portfolio tailored for you

Your risk and your goals are considered

Every investor is unique. We custom build a Super-Diversified Portfolio for you taking into consideration such things as:

  • Your tolerance for risk (both financial and emotional)
  • Your investment goals
  • Your immediate and long-term needs
  • Your time horizon

Strict and consistent implementation

Super-Diversification is a clearly defined investment strategy eliminating the chance for behavioral over-reaction to temporary events. Combine this with our strict discipline of implementation not relying upon hunches, assumptions, or human judgement helps avoid the risk of random performance behavior.

Additional highlights of a Super-Diversified Portfolio

Super-Diversified portfolios are designed to deliver to you a total portfolio solution. In addition to all of the above,
every Super-Diversified portfolio also has the following characteristics:

  • Safety and security
  • No upfront fees
  • No termination fees
  • No time commitment
  • Tax efficient funds
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Highly liquid
  • Full transparency
  • Robust reporting
  • Very low custodial and transactions cost (not paid to Patton)