Service Model

Our service model is a robust combination of proactive services and being prepared to respond to your requests.

Our proactive services are designed to provide you with all that you want and need without you having to ask for it. Below are some of those services we provide:

Proactive services

New Client Onboarding

  • Meet and get to know you, your investment resources, needs, and goals
  • Prepare comprehensive analysis of your existing investments
  • Illustrate how Super-Diversification will benefit you
  • Design a customized Super-Diversified Portfolio for you
  • Prepare all account paperwork

Ongoing Clients

  • Rebalancing the portfolio
  • Clear and robust performance reporting
  • Periodic portfolio reviews
  • Retirement planning updates
  • Education via regular blogs, videos, and workshops
  • Working with your estate and tax advisors
  • Periodic calls

What we do NOT do

  • We do not serve as the custodian (the firm that holds your money) of your account(s). Your account(s) is held at a qualified custodian in your name. This protects your account from theft and business risk. We can only request trades on your behalf consistent with our agreement and can only have money sent to your address or bank account. Read more about the security of your account HERE
  • We are not the broker and do not receive commissions. We can only request trades be done on your behalf and trading commissions are paid to the broker.
  • We do not provide any tax advice. Tax is not our expertise. Any tax advice you need must come from another service provider (we can make recommendations upon request).
  • We do not provide any legal advice. We are not attorneys. Any legal advice you need must come from another service provider (we can make recommendations upon request).

New Client Onboarding

  • Plan design review and recommendations
  • Develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Selection of investment options
  • Build model portfolios
  • Transition management when moving to a new record keeper
  • Enrollment and education for participants

Ongoing Clients

  • Annual Plan Review
  • Quarterly review of all funds
  • Maintain model portfolios
  • Employee educations
  • One-on-one participant consultations
  • Plan sponsor updates
  • Education on best practices

What we do NOT do

  • We are not the plan record keeper or plan administrator (or TPA). We will recommend other industry-leading service provides to provide these services and we will work directly with them on your behalf.
  • We cannot make changes to your plan. We are only an advisor. We will make recommendations to you that you can either accept or decline. When the decision is made to change the plan, we will work with the other service providers to facilitate the changes on your behalf.

Responses to Your Requests

You can expect timely and complete responses to your requests. We have developed detailed processes and procedures to handle the vast majority of requests so that the result is hassle-free to you and no detail is overlooked. Please contact our Customer Service Team at CustomerService@PattonFunds.com anytime you have any administrative requests.