Introducing Mark Patton
Developing Your Plan

Developing Your Plan

Every successful journey begins with a comprehensive and well-designed plan. We help you determine where you are in your journey, where you want to go, and create and execute a plan to get you there.

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Better Models Driving Better Performance

Our clients benefit from a clearly defined investment strategy and process that eliminates random behavior and ignores the noise of Wall Street. Our Super-Diversification investment strategy has delivered superior performance when compared to an index of private clients' portfolios since its 2010 inception.

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Cumulative Return

Since Inception

1/31/2010 -





Patton Clients

Super-Diversification Flex Growth Strategy. Click here for specific details on the performance data. Some clients are Qualified Clients as defined by the SEC and may pay a performance-based fee.

ARC Private Client Index

This is a performance index created by ARC Research of 1000's of private client portfolios. Click here for specific details on the performance data.

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Pay Patton ONLY if... ...we outperform our competitors.

Performance-based Fee

We offer a performance-based fee option, only available to Qualified Clients, where you pay us only if we outperform an index of our competitors.

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Catering to independent minded investors

Seeking better-than-average performance requires taking a slightly different path than others and having a willingness to take a long-term view. It's not for every investor.

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The Patton Difference

The Patton Difference

Our difference is by design and is evident in every aspect of our business to deliver exceptional performance and an exceptional experience to you.

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