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Our goal is to make doing business with us easy and efficient. As paperwork is being processed and money is being moved, we communicate frequently so that you always know the status.

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Still considering our services?

Here are some steps to help you in the process of considering our services:

  • O1.

    Analysis of your current plan – You simply provide us with the following:

    • Plan investments and balances in each
    • Plan fees
  • O2.

    We will then do the rest.

  • O3.

    We schedule a meeting – at this meeting we will do the following:

    • Review our analysis of your current plan
    • Provide our recommendations about the fund lineup and service providers
    • Demonstrate the impact our recommendations can have on your participants and their ability to achieve a successful retirement
    • Answer all your questions
  • O4.

    We’ll provide references – if you are interested in our services and would like to speak to existing clients, we’ll be glad to facilitate that.

  • O5.

    You decide! You will now be prepared to make a fully-informed decision about what is best for your plan’s participants.

Ready to do business?

  • Gather plan documents – you will need to provide us with copies of all of the existing plan documents to complete all of the necessary paperwork.
  • Review plan provisions – we will discuss all of your existing plan provisions and we will make recommendations for any needed changes.
  • Provide notices to participants – (only if the plan is transitioning to a new record keeper) notices for participants will be fully prepared for you to distribute.
  • Schedule employee meeting – this meeting will be conducted by us. We will inform your plan participants about the exciting changes being made to the plan for their benefit.
  • Assets transfer and plan goes live – (only if the plan is transitioning to a new record keeper) asset will transfer to the new service provider and the plan will go live.
  • See our Service Model for information about the ongoing services you can expect from us..
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