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Our goal is to make doing business with us easy and efficient. As paperwork is being processed and money is being moved, we communicate frequently so that you always know the status.

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Still considering our services?

Here are some steps to help you in the process of considering our services:

  • O1.

    Analysis of your existing portfolio – You simply provide us with statement(s) on your existing investment and we’ll do the rest.

    • Our comprehensive analysis of your portfolio will allow you to understand exactly how your money is invested today, the costs in your portfolio, and its existing risk profile.
    • If we have not yet done an analysis of your existing portfolio, click here to request it be done.
  • O2.

    We schedule a meeting – at this meeting we will do the following:

    • Review your current portfolio
    • Discuss your risk tolerance, needs, and investment goals
    • Provide our portfolio recommendations
    • Demonstrate the impact we can have on your portfolio and investment goals
    • Prepare planning to outline how you can best meet your investment goals
    • Answer all your questions
  • O3.

    We’ll provide references – if you are interested in our services and would like to speak to existing clients, we’ll be glad to facilitate that.

  • O4.

    You decide! You will now be prepared to make a fully-informed decision about what is best for you and how to best reach your investment goals.

Ready to do business?

  • Gather Information – we will either schedule a short call or send you an email so that we may gather the needed information from you to prepare the necessary paperwork and facilitate your intentions.
  • Prepare Paperwork – we will prepare all of the necessary paperwork. It will be provided to you for your review. You will simply have to sign and return it.
  • Fund Your Accounts – if you will be wiring money or sending a check, we will provide simple instructions to do so. If we are transferring accounts, we will do this on your behalf.
  • See our Service Model for information about the ongoing services you can expect from us
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